My engagements

- Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur. 

After almost 25 years of working in Marketing and Communication for big companies, I started my own business. Shortly after, I became part of Innovation Lab, the oldest innovation house in Scandinavia. At Innovation Lab we have our own micro companies, and work as a team. Not an organization - more an organism, dynamic, and constantly developing.

I believe all businesses - whether they consist of employees or micro-companies, they need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

- Business Angel

I am a Business Angel and an Angel Investor.

My passion is to help others grow. Whether they are large businesses who need to transform from an industrial to a digital mindset - or they can be a startup, struggling with staying alive, surviving through the valleys of death, hardly coping - but then thriving, building and expanding. 

So far I have invested in two startup companies, Eir of Norway and Myhatt

My belief is that anyone can become an Angel Investor - and my hope is that everyone will.

- Board work

I find true purpose and meaning through engaging in board work.

Developing Future Organizations should start with the board. 

I am currently Chairman of the board in two companies I find incredibly exciting:

Procontra and Myhatt.

I am also part of the board at Stavanger Jazzforum.